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Inside LA AMAPOLA ROJA as part of the second MAPP Mission and Performance Art Project, the project/installation includes a symbolic burial of community members that will take turns positioning their bodies into a hole in the center of the Poppy's floor, as a social sculpture reflecting how the new Mission is being built on top of lives and histories that go unseen below.


Artist Luliliana Herrera and Francisco Herrera, a singer song writer and candidate for San Francisco Mayor, will be leading a song and ritual performance inviting the public to feel the earth underneath the Red Poppies wooden floors acknowledging the histories residing underneath architectural structures.




United States Monuments and day labor. A two-hour sculptural performance with Mateo Hidalgo, Ignacio Ramirez, Mia Eve Rollow, Caleb Duarte and Ramiro Martinez.

SOMARTS Making A Scene, 50 Years of Bay Area Alternative Spaces.


EDELO Migrante (Mia Eve and Caleb Duarte) as Artistic Director

The The Red Poppy Art House/La Amapola Roja.


San Fransisco, CA.  2015 March - June

In our four month residency we begin an outdoor studio creating collaboration art with all neighbors on a daily basis, using Urgent Art to create art about the experienced realities of our environment.


Our First Inauguration in conjunction with the Mission Arts & Performance Project, is focused on Black and Brown Lives Matter.


We invite YESCKA, a Guerrilla Artist rising from the streets of Oaxaca, to create an Outdoor Mural which serves as the head of a community created alter honoring victoms and family members of police brutality.

As the homeless neighbors become the active caretakers of the alter throughout the next month we begin to build, Our Built City: Transforming the Red Poppy Art House into Sculptural Housing or Functional Shelter.  The Art House will transform into a sculptural performance using found recycled materials throughout the months to address the culminating tensions between race, class, ownership, authenticity, and cultural expression as seen unfold on our corner of 23rd & Folsom.


Mr. Pop (Guatemala) and Ariel (Mexico) become Artists in Residence.

Featuring sculptural performances by Adrian Arias, Sebastian Alvares, Ramiro Martinez, Meres-Sia Gabriel, and Ben Baker, plus special musical guest Freddy Flowpez and more.