This work was created in collaboration with the group Oncogrrrls during one month of workshops with Mexican trans and women with breast cancer at La Gozadera, Mexico City, Mexico, 2016.


Annually, 66,000 women are violently killed across the globe, the number of women killed on account of their gender has more than doubled in the past four years. Despite this, comprehensive measures to eradicate gender violence have not been implemented on either the federal and local level. On the contrary, the widespread failure by the authorities to address this issue is part of a system of male impunity and a reflection of the lack of women’s access to justice. Frequently, victims face discrimination and more physical abuse simply for trying to access the justice.


We see womxn, acting out their internal landscapes with gestures that seem to summon something invisible; with their exposed breasts, that once grew cancer from societal sickness, the womxn chisel and hammer away the white block that consumes them in spite of oppressive mass hysteria as political rhetoric, demonization as sorcerers, objectification as sex slaves, our magic remains.